I’ve been growing guys. Working hard. Networking. Traveling. Loving. Doing me. GROWING. 

I got crochet braids !  

Currently obsessed w them and my pink brows to match. Using a few magenta colors from my crown brush palette. 

I went to Cali and even the air was inspiring. Going back as soon as I get my coins in order. 

Speaking of coin ! I got a new job. Told my current job, they countered ! Feels really good to be appreciated 😎👊🏽  

I can’t wait to upload the pics from this shoot. Keep an eye out for miss jasmine Onya ❤️

My homie Aris Sparks asked me to model for his EP “Sparks Will Fly” search him on soundcloud ! 

The pics came out so lit  




i know I haven’t posted in way too long but that’s why I started a blog, so I could post as I please, but the upside to that is that I’ve been extremely busy with work and my freelance so that’s always amazing. I have plenty of pictures 😩 
This is Toshi 😍 (tah-she) she was so beautiful. She wanted a blue smokey eye. I obliged ✨

I’ve been working in store non stop so that means I have to beat my face erryday. 

I’ve also been preparing to move. It’s really just tew murch 😭 but I’m excited for opportunities to come. I’ve been networking heavy so that I won’t miss a beat 😏 

I drove to Long Island to do a big wedding. So busy I couldn’t even get pictures of all the girls. 


The last one is clearly the bride, Quay, she was so gorgeous and accommodating. Her skin, 😭 immaculate. I loved doing this beat, shout out to to Nikki too 😘 
Blue eyebrows by Anastasia Beverly hill and BH Cosmetics. 

Beautiful bronze smokey eye did for Deb 💕🔥

One of my favorite strobes. Estée Lauder skin perfector ✨👌🏽 

Thanks for reading ! Email me.

Ramble Queen 

I’ve been doing a lot lately. Here are some posts.  

Blue eyebrows 👌🏽 I used dipbrow and several bh blue shadows. 

Purple brows. Same method. 
Pretty girl I met working. Strong brows. Reminded me of Ciara 😍😍

Old slayage 😌✨

Being silly w Dee and purple brows. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Vintage. For a wedding. 
Coop ! The bride from the same wedding ! 
Date look w purple brows and a glow. 

Monday’s Flirty #fotd


Hai ! Yesterday (Monday) I was actually really sleepy so I did a quick copper look. 

  This is the best mattifying moisturizer I’ve ever used. I have combination/oily skin and this really helps keep my shine at bay. It has acai, geranium, as well as olive and other vitamins like A & E. Got it at target on clearance. Hey now. 
For my foundation I used BareMinerals original foundation primer w their matte foundation in Golden Tan on top. I got a little darker bc summer 😁 so I used my loreal infallible matte powder in classic tan as well to deepen. I California bronzed. Did my brows then started on my eyes. I used Benefits Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer.  I then grabbed this baby.  


It’s a nude palette from maybelline, it’s like their version of naked. Been using them a little and they’re ok ! I used the 5&6 matte brown shadows from the top in my crease. And you know I blended 😘

On my lid, is Beautiful Melodie, it’s a limited edition eyeshadow from bareMinerals. Very tiny. Very beautiful.  

I could fit both the shadow and it’s lid on top of a hair care jar lol. No flash. 


Wet & dry swatches with flash. 

I tapped it lightly on my lid only. I built it up to my sleepy standards lmao. Black gel eyeliner on my waterline and tight lined up top. Hella mascara. No winged liner. I took what’s left on my brush from Beautiful Melody as well as some brown and smudged it out. 

On my lips is Clarins Lip perfector in 02, I think. The label is destroyed lol 

I look grouchy but this was a quick snap I took on my lunch break 😐

Copper tones make brown eyes pretty rad 🌅


Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish SPF 15 Foundation Review

BAHMB ! 😂😂😂 

Ok, review done. 

      Just kidding, I decided to try this foundation after hearing some reviews from clients.  It just so happens that my friend and roommate is a counter manager for Bobbi Brown. I asked for a few skincare sample as well as the foundation. 

      He matched me to Golden 5.5. When I say it’s perfect ! Bruh 😎 Okoyè (my roomate) did that. 

I prepped my skin like normal, and then primed w BareMinerals original primer. I used my real techniques buffing brush to apply. I set with bareMinerals matte foundation in golden tan. 

I didn’t plan this post so I only have two pictures. The first is right after I finished my makeup. The second is after I worked an entire shift ! 


Excuse my lips, I ate off all my lips lol

I will post another review in about a week to see if I have a tragic reaction 😊😊



Brows, betch. 

Ok, so I definitely had an eyebrow tutorial on my YouTube but they took it down due to some copyright issues 😐 (music) so I’m gonna do a step by step pictorial. 

First, get your tools. If you like a pencil, powder or whatever. Get dat lol 

I’m obsessed w my Estée Lauder angled liner/brow brush. All I use on me and my clients. It’s thin but still dense enough so I can get fleeky every time. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in dark brown. 

NYX cosmetics brow powder duo in brunette as well as their Wonder Pencil in medium. 

Right brow   

Left brow.  

 Use tweezers to clean up any extra hairs. 

 I use my brush and dipbrow to create my initial shape. Really just extending the tail and beginning of the brow. Exaggerate the arch. 

  Fill in the entire brow using dipbrow, lightly. It’s thick so I usually just use what’s left on my brush. 

  I used my NYX brow duo to darken and define my brow and then the wonder pencil to clean them up. 

  A little mascara to redefine the hairs and voila ! ✔️ 

YouTube didn’t work out lol

I’m honestly starting a beauty blog bc I know that YouTube would be entirely too much work for me w my current lifestyle.

Im so stoked to begin wriiting again and expressing myself this way. I’m going to use this blog mostly for makeup, skincare, fashion and hair related posts. image

Today’s face details : Bare Minerals 5in1 BB cream primer in Tan to prime. 

Loreal infallible matte pressed powder in GoldenBeige 600.  

Tatted Creaseless concealer in deep to cover dark spots. 

Brows are Anastasia dipbrow in dark brown w NYX brow kit in brunette. 

Highlight and under eye concealer is a mix of NYX wonderpencil in medium and Estée Lauder stay in place concealer in medium 03.  

Contour is the “California Bronze” bronzing palette also from bareMinerals. It’s limited edition and I’m sick about it. I love this thing.  Clearly. 😩

   Blush is NYX powder blush in Mocha.

No eyeshadow, just hella Flawless Definition mascara. Like, a lot lol. On my lips I have more of the wonder pencil and BareMinerals Jack of All Trades lip balm in Lean on me. 

I may also just express myself in things regarding life around me.

If you’re reading I’m so happy you’re gon take this ride 😘